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Love Letters From...


Group Show featuring Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis
Opens online September 9, 2023

Nancy is creating a special installation - “Love Letters from Ikaria” - a series of miniature oil paintings done plein air on the patio of her family home in Greece.

Each participating artist will contribute works that depict special places where their heart thrives &/or was left behind.

All works will be small like little postcards or tiny notes.

Participating artists: Ulla Anobile, Joan Charles, Olivia Dornsife, Eden Folwell, Ivonne Garcia, Rosie Garcia, Sophia Gasparian, Ariane` Kamps, Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis, Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Kahla Lewis, Malathip, Miriam Martinez, Wbaldo Muñoz, Johannah O’Donnell, Perro y Arena (Sócrates M Medina), Jen Raven, Ben Robertson, Frau Sakra, Patrick Thai, Kelly Thompson, Nora Thompson, Misael Urquico, Michelle Waters and Terri Woodward


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