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Annette Hassell at Cactus Gallery

Annette Hassell grew up in New Orleans. While other kids were running about in the fresh air, Annette was avidly reading fantasies and fairy tales, which she would then illustrate. Annette admired the classic illustrators of children's literature, like Rackham, Detmold, Dulac, Nielsen, and Tenniel.

She continued drawing all through her youth and learned to paint in college. In 1986, Annette received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of New Orleans.

Immediately after graduation, she began working as a Mardi Gras float painter and designer. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1996, she dedicated herself to painting even more, especially creating rather unconventional still lifes. Lately, she has been painting animals and humans…especially magical ones, but she still does dearly love a still life-or what passes for one in her world.

Annette lives in Los Angeles and when she isn't painting for herself, doing commissions or illustrating a kid's book, she freelances as a scenic artist for theater, television and film.