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The Unusual Child, 2020

Group show featuring artist Nancy Cintron

Online show opening Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Unusual Child is a comical art show about the strange things we did as kids that made us into who we are today. Most children have a habit of doing or liking weird things, but what about artists that were once children? Those strange creative daydreamers that make things?

Join us for a trip back in time to see what shaped people's personalities and made them realize they were different.... destined to be an artist. 

Participating artists:
Donna Abbate, Riitta Tuulia Beattie, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Nicole Bruckman, Lacey Bryant, Joan Charles, Baudette DeHaven, Ivonne Garcia, Lori Herbst, Ilaamen, Lydia Moon Hee Kim, JL King, Malathip, Samantha Mullen, Sarah Polzin, Johnny Quintanilla, Meghan Ritchey, Henry Schreiber, Carolina Seth, Aubrey Snellings, Lisa Snellings, Kelly Thompson, Nora Thompson, Misael Urquico, Kelly Vetter, Michelle Waters, Holly Wood, Simone Young and Erica Zubris

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