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All Them Witches, 2021

ALL THEM WITCHES is a pop up group show on view at The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
Join the Cactus Gallery family in the mezzanine The Last Bookstore on Saturday, 10/9 **1-6pm for our first in-person reception in 22 months. Chat with both of the featured artists, Lori Herbst and Ulla Anobile and many of our gallery artists and friends that day.
Opening reception:  October 9, 2021 **1-6p
Address:  The Last Bookstore, 453 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Show runs October 1- November 30, 2021

Bookstore hours are 11a-8p, 7 days a week, so if you can't make the opening, you can see the works another day/time during the show's 6 week run.
Masks are required to enter the bookstore.
Thank you to Liz Huston and Spring Arts Collective for hosting this show in their fab space.


Witches have fascinated us throughout history. They inspire fear, confidence, imagination, superstition and love of nature. Every culture in history has documented some form of witch. Sometimes revered, more often reviled, witches healed our ailments while taking the blame for our ill-fortunes.

Participating artists:  Abby Aceves, Lea Barozzi, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Andrea Bogdan, Nancy Cintron, Fran De Anda, Katherine Dossman Casallas, Bob Doucette, Wendy Gadzuk, Annette Hassell, Lori Herbst, Liz Huston, Philip Joyce, k2man, Ariane Kamps, Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Kahla Lewis, Malathip, Catherine Moore, Samantha Jane Mullen, Frau Sakra, Valerie Savarie, Bonnie Robinson Stewart (Huggable Koi), Linnea Strid, Mark Tavares, Patrick Thai, Kelly Thompson, Ingrid Tusell, Ariella Vaystukh, Terri Woodward and Gabriela Zapata

Participating dollmakers:  Ulla Anobile, Riitta Tuulia Beattie, Denise Bledsoe, Bob Doucette collaboration with Tom Slotten, Annie Isa, Francesca Loi, Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll’s Lounge), Pantovola, Karly Perez, Myriam Powell, Natalia Rezvova (Duduki Art Dolls), Carisa Swenson, Alex Wells (Ragged Caravan) and Jessica Yambao


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