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Upcoming Exhibits


First Online Show
Goes live: Friday, January 18, 2019 *5p
Show runs January 18 - 31, 2019

Cats. They can be absurdly annoying, quirky and inscrutable, and yet they are endearingly cute. Their charm is undeniable which makes them easily forgivable, but for all the frustrations and snubs, it is worth it when they decide, on their own schedule, to grace you with their love and companionship.

Participating artists:

Jaclyn Alderete, Joe Alvarez, Ulla Anobile, Lauren Arriola, Julie B., Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Andrea Bogdan, Ally Burke, Ivonne Carley, Gigi Chen, Jon Ching, Nancy Cintron, Nonie Cruzado, Dark Town Sally, Bob Doucette, Eden Folwell, Annette Hassell, Lori Herbst, Ilaamen, Anita Inverarity, Veronica Jaeger, Lydia Moon Hee Kim, Kahla Lewis, Milka LoLo, Caitlin McCarthy, Malathip, Janet Olenik, Sarah Polzin, Tania Pomales, Olga Ponomarenko, Myriam Powell, Jen Raven, Valerie Savarie, Lena Sayadian, Cat Sommer, Nora Thompson, Michelle Waters, David Weinreb, Holly Wood and Simone Young



Solo Show by Kate Kelton
Show runs February 1-28, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, February 1, 2019
Via Kate Kelton: 87 silence-breakers accused Harvey Weinstein of gross sexual misconduct. Like dominoes, women were set free from a yoke of silent vigilance.
The patriarchy wants men to be seen as the victims now. They don’t want you to believe survivors. But I, too, have experienced firsthand getting economically punished here; retaliated and discriminated against; harassed, tracked, hacked, gaslit, ridiculed, blacklisted, you name it. Simply for telling my truth. For standing up for myself. For never, ever playing their game. For saying no.

It suddenly felt crucial to uplift these survivors, to elevate them instead. Literally, by incorporating their visages into my great-grandfather’s architecture in Prague. Which resonated with me on an eternal, impermeable level akin to Rushmore, Petra or the Great Sphinx. Solidifying the jarring shock of how well we know these faces, is the dawning realization of what they now represent as a group: Predatory economic gender injustice simply must come to an end. Caesura. Those ever-hunted for their image, in film or tv, or the hacked security cameras of 98% of our public spaces, now become your guardians. A line of heroic strength. Standing up to the beast, screaming, ”#timesup!”