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Dollmakers VIII: Reflections, 2022

Group show featuring Italian artist Francesca Loi

Opens online on September 24, 2022 at 10am PST.

Contact for questions or videos of works or to visit the show in person at our private space in Eagle Rock, CA.

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For our 8th annual Dollmakers show, Francesca Loi and friends will be exploring the theme of reflection(s). 

Reflection(s)can be interpreted in many ways. It can refer to thought, meditation, and contemplation. It can signify the mirroring of light, sound and symmetry.


Via Francesca:

I believe the over-arching idea of the entire exhibition is perfectly encapsulated in this poem:  In one of his early sonnets, Shakespeare wrote: Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest.

When I started working on this collection I found myself wondering: what do I see in my own reflections? What do others see in theirs?

The face that one sees in the mirror tells so many stories: marks of past memories, images of current thoughts and visualizations of future realities. When in front of a mirror the current self - what I am now - is standing between two mirrored versions of the same: what I was and what I will be.

I hold my past in my arms like a beautiful, ephemeral fish.
My love for the present is a golden thread that stains my limbs.
Those flowers are fading under the weight of the inevitable.
As I sit with my thoughts, I am enveloped by a soft, dark cocoon.
My hair will grow long and dry yet my clothing will sparkle.

There is a sense of symmetry in my reflections, a sense of peace, a silent sense of order in a world that frequently feels so loud. In that space - the space of my symmetries and reflections - I was and will be crowned queen of an instant.

Participating artists: 

Ulla Anobile, Riitta Tuulia Beattie (Mammothmoth), Christine Benjamin, Denise Bledsoe, Lacey Bryant, Bob Doucette, Mavis Leahy, Francesca Loi, Alexandra Lukaschewitz, Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll's Lounge), Lorena Monteiro, Samantha Jane Mullen, Pantovola, Sophia Paraskevopoulou, Gioconda Pieracci (Pupillae Art Dolls), Jana Seven (Rag and Bone Dolls), Tom Slotten, Ioanna Tsouka (Anima ex Manus Art Dolls) and Sonya Vengrova

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