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Group Show featuring artist Olga Ponomarenko

Opens: Saturday, February 22, 2020


For this show, her third featured spot for Cactus Gallery, Olga Ponomarenko will be creating works using anthropomorphism (where the attribution of human characteristics or behavior is given to an animal) as a strategy to support her continued concern about the environment and human impact on nature, specifically animals. 

A very talented group will be joining Olga in this exploration of the impact of human culture on animals:

3rd Version aka Ben Patterson, Donna Abbate, Douglas Alvarez, Joe Alvarez, Ulla Anobile, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Terri Berman, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Jon Ching, Nancy Cintron, Fran De Anda, Raul D’Mauries, Sandy Elizabeth, Sheri Garwood, Annette Hassell, Lori Herbst, Anita Inverarity, Maria Knier (The Bezert), Lydia Moon Hee Kim, Mavis Leahy, Kahla Lewis, Kim Lindemyer, Clare Lindley, Milka Lolo, Candace McKay, Janet Olenik, Perrilla, Raul Pizarro, Lena Rushing, Ana Luisa Sanchez, Valerie Savarie, Henry Schreiber, Carolina Seth, Aubrey Snellings, Lisa Snellings, Carisa Swenson, Patrick Thai, Alex Wells (Ragged Caravan), Kyra Wilson, and Holly Wood.

To see the show in person, contact or text to 323.801.8669.

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