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The Magicians II, 2021

Second Solo Show featuring Mexican artist Fran De Anda
Opens online Saturday, July 24, 2021 *3p PST

For Fran's second solo show for us, he will treat us to his ongoing exploration of the magicians.

Magicians symbolize the mysteries of existence and nature. They are the alchemists who carry out the eternal cycle of creation-destruction while maintaining the natural balance. These Magicians influence all aspects of existence; from love and death, to natural elements such as: the sea and the land. They represent the strength and ability of the universe, which passes through them as vital energy. And in a magical and inspiring act of will, they perform the task of restoring the chaotic and mysterious but sublimely beautiful world.

The gallery is open to installment plans to help you grow your collection.

Fran is open to commissions, so if you have a specific animal you'd like to see as one of his wonderful magicians, please contact for more info.

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About Fran De Anda

Fran lives and works in Mexico City. In his work he touches upon themes related to the human condition. Based on ancient myths and archetypes, he develops concepts such as transformation, death, alchemy, the sacred, and the profane.

Having a strong connection with ancient art, he takes up elements of the Renaissance, the Baroque and symbolism. Through the use of traditional pictorial techniques such as the grinding of his own pigments and the use of tempera and oil, he develops an interpretation of the mysterious and sacred in man and his relationship with nature within a mystical-symbolic vision.

Fran vive y trabaja en la Ciudad de México.
En su obra toca temas relacionados a la condición humana.
Basándose en antiguos mitos y arquetipos, desarrolla conceptos como la transformación, la muerte, la alquimia, lo sagrado y lo profano.

Teniendo una fuerte conexión con el arte antiguo, retoma elementos del renacimiento, el barroco y simbolismo. Mediante el uso de técnicas tradicionales pictóricas tales como la mezcla de sus propios pigmentos, el uso de la tempera y el óleo, desarrolla una interpretación de lo misterioso y sagrado en el hombre y su relación con la naturaleza dentro de una visión mística-simbólica.