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The Walk Home, 2021

3rd Solo Show by Milka LoLo
Opens online Saturday, June 26, 2021 *3p PST

For Milka's third solo show for Cactus Gallery, she will be continuing in her exploration of the path of the souls towards Mictlan, the underworld of Aztec mythology. On their 4 year journey to Mictlan, the souls are confronted with many tests and trials, but always have the counsel and company of their spiritual guides.
This exhibit celebrates life and honors the memory of those who have passed before us.

Artist bio:  Milka Lolo was born in Mexico City. She has shown since a very early age to have very strong artistic inclinations. Beginning as a self-taught artist, she continued her studies at Academia de San Carlos where she attended workshops on the technique of pictorial materials, ceramic sculpture, engraved, and drawing.

Then she decided to continue her own research away from the academic environment which allows her to explore different artistic approaches and develop a very unique pictorial language.

The characters of the Mexican folktales that she heard eagerly as a child became the main subjects of her paintings. Creating, at last, a style of its own and a contemporary aesthetic proposal that has earned collectors around the world. She has presented her work in many group exhibitions not only in Mexico but also in the United States.

Artist statement:  My work consists of the re-interpretation of characters, myths, and narrations of the Mexican folk imaginary. These narratives are presented as a living manifestation of an ancestral culture, which has been transformed as it has integrated into a globalized society.

In my work, I recreate the process of cultural miscegenation by incorporating elements and universal concepts to the myths and legends of the Mexican tradition. While I create a contemporary version of them, which allows them to remain valid in the collective memory and, at the same time, generate an own aesthetic, with a metaphorical language based on referents such as surrealism, symbolism, magical realism, artistic illustration, fantastic art, and indigenous art.

The aesthetic discourse of my work starts from the manifestations and artistic expressions that the human being creates in response to his concern about his origin and place in the world.

Through experimentation and application of traditional techniques together with the most recent materials, I emphasize the importance of syncretism, which gives form and character to our contemporary identity.

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