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Cactus Gallery LA

GRIGORI by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 100.00

Oil on wood, 3.75” x 4.5”

Note for this postcard:

Dear *****,
Fengari & Grigori were an inseparable pair. Both cats were mine, but I was ok with sharing them with you since you equally loved & cared for them too. Unfortunately Grigori has disappeared a couple months ago, and Kouklo has taken over. When other boys show up, Kouklo freezes and has a stare down, with raised hair and long, low, menacing meows, followed by getting his ass kick, every time. Poor thing! He’s trying to keep Fengari safe, but he’s a wuss puss. I wish Grigori was here. We loved him so much.

I also wish you were here. Miss you!

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