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Cactus Gallery LA

PATH TO YOUR HOUSE by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 200.00

Oil on wood, 5” x 8”

Note for this postcard:

Dear *****-

I wish you were here!!! Your seafaring job sucks, because it keeps you away for months at a time.
This little path that connects our houses is where I first realized that I liked you more than a friend. While I sat there watching you walk up the path, with your hand on your heart, I melted a little inside. If nothing happens between us, it doesn’t matter, you’ll always be my childhood friend that I love & adore.
We are the queen and the king of cats in the village. Dimitri said he was going to gather all the cats, me & you, and throw us off the island.

Love you always.

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