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AGIOS KYRIKOS by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 80.00
Oil on wood, 4” x 4 1/4”

Note for this postcard:
Dear Stamati,I took the new ferry boat to Agios Kyrikos today, with your cousin for the first time. It was a partially sunny warm spring day. The island was so green & lush, and the clouds covered the tips of the mountains. I kept telling Yianni how lucky we were to be from here, and how fortunate we are to all have each other. I watched your cousin stare at the scenery in a mesmerizing trance, and saw what a beautiful soul he always was… so innocent and golden. He was such a sweet kid…. I always adored him from when we were little.By the way, I appreciate the giant Ikaros sculpture more now. It looked so pretty standing on the horizon, alone, with the clouds surrounding it.Can’t wait for you to come back to Ikaria. Miss & Love you.

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