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Tiny Treasures XVI, 2021

For this popular annual show, you'll find affordably priced original small works including oil, acrylic and mixed mixed paintings, handmade ornaments, paper mache works, sculptures, textile art, doll heads and more. In addition, most artists created one larger piece, creating a wee installation for each.

Thank you participating artists for your dedication to your art and for making 2021 much better for all~

Donna Abbate || Ulla Anobile || Julie B || Alise Baker (Chubby Bunny) || Lea Barozzi || Skye Becker-Yamakawa || Christine Benjamin || Denise Bledsoe || Andrea Bogdan || Lacey Bryant || Joan Charles || Anna Chung || Nancy Cintron || Raul D’Mauries || Rosie Garcia || Sophia Gasparian || Annette Hassell || Ilaamen || Milla Istomina (Mist Ceramics) || Veronica Jaeger || k2man (Katherine Dossman-Casallas) || Chloe Kono || Tammy Kushnir || Mavis Leahy || Francesca Loi || Malathip || Miriam Martinez || Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll's Lounge) || Catherine Moore || Wbaldo Muñoz || Karly Perez || Perro y Arena by Socrates Medina || Sarah Polzin || Olga Ponomarenko || Ben Robertson || Valerie Savarie || Carolina Seth || Nora Thompson || Misael Urquico || Michelle Waters || Holly Wood || Terri Woodward || Gabriela Zapata

* The gallery is open to installment plans to help you grow your collection.

* Listed price does not include shipping fee. Shipping cost will be calculated on an individual basis once address is confirmed. It will be invoiced separately. Shipping will begin November 22.

* Art purchases can be mailed most anywhere (see above), picked up in Eagle Rock (Northeast Los Angeles, CA) or delivered if within 10 miles of Eagle Rock, CA.