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Nine Lives, 2024

Featuring artist Valerie Savarie and group show

Valerie Savarie will be joining us for the opening on Saturday, April 20 from 4-7p and she will be treating us to a DEMO of her work on Sunday, April 21st from 11a-2p. 

Please email for details on the opening and demo if you would like to attend.

Whether you believe that cats have nine lives or not, the idea that something can have multiple lives in a single body is such a wonderful idea. What if we as a society took this as a rule of thumb – that everything has nine lives. Instead of constantly throwing things out that have “out lived” their intended purpose we breathe new life into them and give them a second life and a third and a fourth …

By reducing the amount of “things” that our society has become trapped in the perpetual cycle of buying, using, throwing out, it helps not only create a healthier environment (Earth) it also teaches us to find value in the everyday. By repurposing materials, we start to value life – whether it be of an inanimate object or a living creature. We see the beauty and potential in everything while simultaneously reducing our impact on the world.

For this show, artists were invited to give new life to something that has been discarded by society in hopes that others will find inspiration to do the same.


Participating artists: Jaclyn Alderete, Ulla Anobile, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Lacey Bryant, Leigh Cabell, Joan Charles, Olivia Dornsife, Bob Doucette, Mike Egan, Eden Folwell, Wendy Gadzuk, Sophia Gasparian, Diana Hartman, Lori Herbst, Ilaamen, Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis, Mavis Leahy, Milka LoLo, Alexandra Lukaschewitz, Lisa Luree, Malathip, Miriam Martinez, Nichol Norman, Silvia Ottobrini, Valeria Pascale of La testa tra le nuvole, Sarah Polzin, Jen Raven, Ben Robertson, Dmitri Saari, Frau Sakra, Valerie Savarie, Linnea Strid, Patrick Thai, Ioanna Tsouka of Anima ex Manus Art Dolls, Colleen Tully, Arlene Velis, Kelly Vetter, Elisabetta Visentini, Michelle Waters and Julie Zarate.

About the featured artist: Valerie Savarie, known for her altered book sculptures, is a mixed media artist living in Denver, Colorado. She uses vintage books as the centerpiece of her artistic creations, reinventing them into unique pieces through cutting, carving, stitching and character illustrations, while also retelling the stories inside.

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