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LOTERIA! VI Group Show, 2020

Opens online Saturday, August 15, 2020 *3p PST
For questions, contact Sandra Mastroianni at

Lotería is a traditional Mexican game of chance, similar to bingo, that uses images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers. There are 54 images; each has a name and an assigned number. The cards are very colorful and the imagery on them is broadly recognized in all of Mexico, other Latin American countries, as well as European nations.

The most recognized version of Lotería is the “Don Clemente Gallo” rendition which was introduced in Mexico in 1887 by the French businessman, Don Clemente Jacques. The owners today own the registered trademark and have continued this version through 3 generations with the original artwork remaining the same.

All 54 images of the original deck will be represented in the show. Here is a link to the original Loteria set:

In addition, artists are creating cards from a second set of Loteria cards #55 - 108. These works will be 3" x 5" max. Here is a link to the lesser known set, which is equally fun ~

Participating Artists:

1 El gallo ("the rooster") ULLA ANOBILE
2 El diablito ("the Devil") JULIE BOSSINGER
3 La dama ("the lady") OLGA PONOMARENKO
4 El catrín ("the dandy") STEPHANIE BROCKWAY
5 El paraguas ("the umbrella") VERONICA JAEGER
6 La sirena ("the mermaid") ALEA BONE
7 La escalera ("the ladder") LISA TORSKE
8 La botella ("the bottle") DOUGLAS ALVAREZ
9 El barril ("the barrel") LORENA GARCIA
10 El árbol ("the tree") SKYE BECKER-YAMAKAWA
11 El melón ("the melon") JANET OLENIK
12 El valiente ("the brave man") JOE ALVAREZ
13 El gorrito ("the bonnet") ILAAMEN 
14 La muerte ("Death") NANCY CINTRON
15 La pera ("the pear") TERRI WOODWARD
16 La bandera ("the flag") PAMELA ENRIQUEZ-COURTS
17 El bandolón ("the mandolin") PERRILLA
18 El violoncello ("the cello") DENISE BLEDSOE
19 La garza ("the heron") ALISE BAKER
20 El pájaro ("the bird") TANIA POMALES
21 La mano ("the hand") IVONNE GARCIA
22 La bota ("the boot") HOLLY WOOD
23 La luna ("the moon") RAUL PIZARRO
24 El cotorro ("the parrot") HERALDO GARZA
25 El borracho ("the drunkard") AH ROMERO
26 El negrito ("the Negro") ABBY ACEVES
27 El corazón ("the heart") MYRIAM POWELL
28 La sandía ("the watermelon") TERRI BERMAN
29 El tambor ("the drum") EMMA MOUNT
30 El camarón ("the shrimp") SAMANTHA JANE MULLEN
31 Las jaras ("the arrows") ERICA ZUBRIS
32 El músico ("the musician") CALIE ALVAREZ
33 La araña ("the spider") LACEY BRYANT
34 El soldado ("the soldier") KELLY THOMPSON
35 La estrella ("the star") CAROLINA SETH
36 El cazo ("the pan") MALATHIP
37 El mundo ("the world") BRENDA PAOLA GOMEZ
38 El apache ("the Apache") ANDREA BOGDAN
39 El nopal ("the prickly pear cactus") PATRICIA KREBS
40 El alacrán ("the scorpion") JESSICA YAMBAO
41 La rosa ("the rose") MILKA LOLO
42 La calavera ("the skull") FRAN DE ANDA
43 La campana ("the bell") VALERIE SAVARIE
44 El cantarito ("the water pitcher") GABRIELA MALINAXOCHITLl ZAPATA
45 El venado ("the deer") OLYMPIA ALTIMIR
46 El Sol ("the sun") MAVIS LEAHY
47 La corona ("the crown") RACHEL YOUNG
48 La chalupa ("the canoe") BRIE MARTINEZ
49 El pino ("the pine tree") GHILLY DE YOUNG
50 El pescado ("the fish") ROSIE GARCIA
51 La palma ("the palm tree") MIRIAM MARTINEZ
52 La maceta ("the flowerpot") JOSIE DEL CASTILLO
53 El arpa ("the harp") STEPHANIE BROCKWAY
54 La rana ("the frog") MICHELLE WATERS

Set two #55 - 108

55 El pintor (“the painter”) CAROLINA SETH
56 El tigre (“the tiger”) PATRICIA KREBS
57 La golondrina (“the swallow”) MICHELLE WATERS
58 La cebolla (“the onion”) SKYE BECKER-YAMAKAWA
59 Las cerezas (“the cherries”) DENISE BLEDSOE
60 El Jarabe Tapatio (“the Mexican Hat Dance”) RAUL PIZARRO
61 El Tlachiquero (“the agave harvester”) PAMELA ENRIQUEZ-COURTS
62 El mandarin (“the chinese man”) k2man
63 El payaso (“the clown”) LACEY BRYANT and JDUH
64 El aguila (“the eagle”) MILKA LOLO
65 Las bailarinas (“the dancers”) OLGA PONOMARENKO
66 El oso (“the bear”) TANIA POMALES
67 Los platanos (“the plantains”) DENISE BLEDSOE
68 La piñata (“the piñata”) VERONICA JAEGER
69 El clavel (“the carnation”) TANIA POMALES
70 El camion (“the bus”) TERRI WOODWARD
71 El elefante (“the elephant”) MILKA LOLO
72 El radio (“the radio”) ABBY ACEVES
73 La paloma (“the dove”) IVONNE GARCIA
74 El sarape (“the blanketlike shawl”) ANDREA BOGDAN
75 El lagarto (“the lizard”) PAMELA ENRIQUEZ-COURTS
76 El fonografo (“the phonograph”) IVONNE GARCIA
77 El puro (“the cigar”) HOLLY WOOD
78 El organo (“the harmonica”) SARAH POLZIN
79 El cocinero (“the chef”) PATRICIA KREBS
80 El guajolote (“the turkey”) MAVIS LEAHY
81 El avion (“the airplane”) ULLA ANOBILE
82 Los futbolistas (“the soccer players”) NANCY CINTRON
83 El telefono (“the telephone”) RAUL PIZARRO
84 La escopeta (“the shotgun”) CALIE ALVAREZ
85 La escuela (“the school”) OLGA PONOMARENKO
86 La motocicleta (“the motorcycle”) SARAH POLZIN
87 La plancha (“the iron”) LORENA GARCIA
88 La escoba (“The broom”) HOLLY WOOD
89 La cafetera (“the coffee pot”) CAROLINA SETH
90 La bruja (“the witch”) FRAN DE ANDA
91 El auto (“the car”) LACEY BRYANT and JDUH
92 La marimba (“the xylophone”) VALERIE SAVARIE
93 La jicara (“the bowl”) MIRIAM MARTINEZ
94 El ferrocarril (“the railroad”) k2man
95 Los aretes (“the earrings”) ANDREA BOGDAN
96 La muñeca (“the doll”) VERONICA JAEGER
97 La carretilla (“the wheelbarrow”) NANCY CINTRON
98 Los cacahuates (“the peanuts”) MALATHIP
99 El martillo (“the hammer”) NANCY CINTRON
100 La herradura (“the horseshoe”) ULLA ANOBILE
101 El jorobado (“the hunchback”) LISA TORSKE
102 El elote (“the corn”) GABRIELA ZAPATA
103 La regadera (“the watering can”) MAVIS LEAHY
104 Los boxeadores (“the boxers”) JOE ALVAREZ
105 Los cisnes (“the swans”) FRAN DE ANDA
106 La llanta (“the tire”) GABRIELA ZAPATA
107 El paracaidas (“the parachute”) LISA TORSKE
108 El domino (“the domino” ) ILAAMEN PELSHAW

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