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Frau Sakra at Cactus Gallery

About Frau Sakra

My name is Thea Saks (aka Frau Sakra) and my home base is Los Angeles. I'm largely self-taught; but in my first life, when I worked in New York as a book and journal editor, I took night classes at the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design. Now my home library of illustration, design, architecture, and literature helps feed my head with ideas for paintings, drawings, and digital art. 

I want each work of art to tell a story that will take you to another place--often a real place that existed in the past. While I try to make sure that my work is well informed and researched, the art is always original and drawn or painted by my own hand (including the digital art, which is drawn on a Cintiq tablet).

Thea has been making art for Cactus Gallery since 2020.