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Milka LoLo at Cactus Gallery

Milka LoLo is an artist living and working in Mexico City, Mexico.

Dreams, that magical place where our real self lives and where we some times find ourselves lost…

The search for a guide, a signal or an omen that will help us go through life, is a concept very much present in the unconscious collective of many cultures.

In the Mexican culture, the Nahual (guardian spirit), is considered the guide which lives within us. It has the ability to shape shift into an animal we recognize and can follow so we may reach our destiny. 

Only real shamans are able to achieve transmutation on this plane, yet we all have the capacity to reach them in the kingdom of our dreams. There, we can walk among our ancestors, ask them for advice, and travel to far off places that hold the secrets of life, death and rebirth.
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Thank you Chris Zielski for your support of the arts. Interview with Milka LoLo, 6/23/20.