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Featuring artist Anima ex Manus Art Dolls (Ioanna Tsouka)
Opens online Saturday, September, 19, 2020
For collector preview, contact Sandra Mastroianni at

From cursed souls to vengeful witches, from eerie ghosts to talking animals, and from impish demons to magic objects that grant wishes, folktales have always been a way to educate, entertain, fascinate and ultimately create a strong sense of identity and community, as well as build heritage appreciation.

Join us in the exploration of these magical folktales, for when it comes to sharing and experiencing these timeless stories from different cultures and diverse traditions: it feels as if we're all weaving our secrets into the fabric of this world, each one telling their own tales and narratives, and altogether telling a bigger story.

Participating artists:
Ulla Anobile, Riitta Tuulia Beattie, Elisa Belloni, Christine Benjamin, Denise Bledsoe, Lacey Bryant, Sam Crow, Emily Ipolani, Patricia Krebs, Francesca Loi, Alexandra Lukaschewitz, Justina Matikka, Anthi Matsouka (MonstrumFlos), Simona Mereu (The Mad Doll’s Lounge), Pantovola, Sophia Paraskevopoulou, Karly Perez, Myriam Powell, Natalia Rezvova (Duduki Art Dolls), Idania Salcido (Danita Art), Carisa Swenson and Alex Wells (Ragged Caravan). 
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