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Gioconda Pieracci of Pupillae Art Dolls

About the artist:

My name is Gioconda. I live in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. I have a great passion for literature, drawing, theater and the arts in general. I create dolls and sculptures by mixing different materials. I prefer those that have an intrinsic warmth such as wool and felt, wood and wood pulp, paper and paper clay.

I chose the name Pupillae because in Latin it means pupae, little girls or dolls, and refers to the little doll within us that we see in the eyes of the person in front of us, a recognition of ourselves in the eyes of the other. My dolls have a lot to do with this. Each one of them is a meeting place between me and whoever will adopt them. A point of contact between reality and a hyperuranion not of ideas but of images. Let's meet there!

When I make an artistic doll I do an in-depth study that goes through readings, image research, the study of various artistic forms to return everything in an art object that has a soul and that speaks to those who appreciate it.

My dolls are handmade with the finest materials from their hair to the tips of their toes. When I create a character I carefully research the fabrics and objects I use and I often include antique or vintage elements.

These unique pieces are intended for collection or display and furnishing. They are not toys but objects created to inspire. They are delicate objects that require care and attention.