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Lucid Dreams, 2023

Group show featuring artist Malathip
Opens online March 18, 2023

One does not need to sleep to enter deep lucidity. When the luminosity of our spirit breaks the wall between our world and our imaginations, everything feels vivid and real. Join us to for a show that weaves through the world of some of our favorite artist's lucid dreams.

Participating artists:

Ulla Anobile, Julie B, Andrea Bogdan, Denise Bledsoe, Lacey Bryant, Jaki Charrua, Disfairy, Olivia Dornsife, Bob Doucette, Diana Hartman, Annette Hassell, Ilaamen, Patricia Krebs, Kahla Lewis, Malathip, Mavis Leahy, Johannah O'Donnell, Valerie Savarie, Patrick Thai, Kelly Thompson, Nora Thompson, Michelle Waters, Terri Woodward and Julie Zarate.

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