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Patricia Krebs at Cactus Gallery

Multimedia artist Patricia Krebs talks about life: the complexity of humanity, the connections within ourselves, each other, and to the Earth. Krebs's mixed media pieces combine collage, ink and acrylic on canvas. She then playfully combines gestural painting and line drawing with detailed photos, small pieces of text and three dimensional objects.

Patricia Krebs grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Throughout her young life she attended art institutions where she participated in group classes of music, art, puppetry, drama, literature, dance and movement. She went to an arts High School and a College of Fine Arts and obtained three degrees in Art, including one in Contemporary Visual Arts from the  National University of Art (UNA).

Along with her formal education, Krebs studied guitar and singing lessons at the Walter Malosetti Superior School of Jazz. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to work as a full-time visual artist and musician.

Krebs’ artwork has been exhibited in worldwide and several of her paintings and illustrations have been featured on books covers, CDs and educational magazines. She has designed and illustrated over a dozen books, including several award winning children’s picture books, and created puppets, props and masks for theatrical events and videos. In addition, she has written lyrics & music for her own musical projects as well as for other artists and companies, and has recorded Spanish voiceovers for major movies.

Krebs lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been showing with Cactus Gallery for 17 years. 


"Tuno y Rita" created in May/June 2023 on the Casa Linda. Visit it at the corner of Ellenwood Drive and York Blvd in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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