Art for the People. Since 2005.
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Thank you for visiting Cactus Gallery LA!

Cactus Gallery is a vibrant Latina owned and operated gallery. Since March 2005, our space has been an eclectic mix of contemporary art and folk art. 

Starting March 1, 2019, Cactus Gallery began hosting its wonderful exhibits online and in our private space.

We continue to work on holding space for a world that is able to honor many views, many cultures and many perspectives. Our commitment to interconnectedness must stay in the forefront so we can continue to care for one another on the other side. 

For collector previews, information on interest free installment plans, cash and check sales, additional images, or any questions regarding purchases or to arrange a visit when it is safe to do so, contact Sandra Mastroianni at or text 323.801.8669.

Looking forward to a pop-up group show or two in 2021.

The gallery is open to installment plans to help you grow your collection.