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KOI #40 by artist Huggable Koi (Bonnie Robinson Stewart)

Cactus Gallery LA

KOI #40 by artist Huggable Koi (Bonnie Robinson Stewart)

$ 125.00

Quilting cotton and organic fiber fill
approximately 13” long, 4” tall and 3” wide

This art plush is inspired by Japanese koinobori and the legend of the Dragon Koi. There is an ancient legend about koi swimming upstream through his 100 year long life, over coming obstacles and a great waterfall to reach a mountain top pool. The koi's perseverance and bravery was observed by the gods and they rewarded the koi by making him into a dragon. The koi's journey is reflected in every life and every story of a goal fulfilled.

This art plush has a secret.  It contains a small talisman that imbues each with a personality and gives it a unique soul.  This soul was specially chosen to reflect the theme of The Revival art show. The soul can be a toy, fossil, photograph or anything small enough to fit inside the plush. Only the new owner of the plush will be told the secret and they can decide if they want to keep that secret or share it.

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