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Power, Patricia Krebs, 2019

10th Annual Solo show by Argentine artist Patricia Krebs 
Opens Saturday, September 7, 2019 *5p


Power is neither good nor bad: it all depends on how it’s used and for what purpose. Certain things, such as the forces of nature, certain beliefs, and social structure, can make us feel powerless. Nevertheless, our capacity for understanding their essence can provide the potential capacity to rise above them, empowering us. And some things, such as our own emotions, can either overpower us or generate in us an incredible amount of energy, which perhaps we didn’t even know we had, making us mighty.

Power will include 15 acrylic paintings on canvas and 12 mixed media drawings on heavyweight paper. These images attempt to illustrate a series of scenes where the characters experience a particular type of power, be it their own or an external force imposed upon them.

The gallery is open to installment plans to help you grow your collection.

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