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Featured artist:  Lacey Bryant
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10 * 6p-9p
Show runs: February 10 - March 3, 2018

‘Patterns’ is an exhibition of work which uses patterns in some way.  At its most basic, a pattern is a repetition, but patterns exist in nature, in cycles of the year, life and death, in light and words, and there are patterns of human or societal behavior. 

Featured artist Lacey Bryant will be presenting a new series of oils on patterned wallpaper, incorporating the patterning into her work 
while also incorporating symbolism about patterns of life and decay.
The gallery is open to installment plans to help you grow your collection. Contact Sandra at for more info.
Participating artists: Murphy Adams, Jaclyn Alderete, Shannon Amidon, Ulla Anobile, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Lydia Rae Black, Andrea Bogdan, Michael Borja, Lacey Bryant, Lauren Hana Chai, Joan Charles, Gigi Chen, Jon Ching, Nancy Cintron, Joshua Coffy, Katherine Dossman-Casallas (k2man), Bob Doucette, Tulio Flores, Rosie Garcia, Michele Guieu, Andre Hart, Annette Hassell, Benjamin Henderson, Lori Herbst, Huggable Koi, Mavis Leahy, Candace McKay, Malathip, Marni Manning, Zahra Marwan, Janet Olenik, Avery Palmer, Kyle Pellet, Tania Pomales, Olga Ponomarenko, Opal Unicorn (Laura Castellaños), Christine Rasmussen, Jenifer J Renzel, Francesca Rizzato, Chris Rodriguez, Joshua Roman, Kelly Thompson and Holly Wood.