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Over the Moon and Under the Stars

April 9 - May 7, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 9, 2016 * 6p-9p

For this exhibition, 'Over the Moon and Under the Stars,' featured artist Ulla Anobile and 12 female artists explore what these concepts mean to them personally, or in their own background and cultures. The interpretations can be literal, symbolic, spiritual, humorous, questioning, wondering, awe-filled ... and most importantly, inspired and personal, bringing into visual form how the Moon and the Stars resonate in one's art and one's psyche.

Thirteen artists were chosen because it ties into the 13 moons that many alternative spiritual traditions suggest/recommend; 13 months, each 28 days long rather than what we have now.

Featured artist: Ulla Anobile
Participating Artists: Donna Abbate, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Ashley Fisher, Rasa Jadzeviciene, Kalli Arte, Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Ann Lim, Anna Magruder, Janet Olenik and Gabriela Zapata

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