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Yellow-breasted Bunting by artist Ulla Anobile

$ 50.00

Paper mâché, acrylics, found wood 7 1/2” x 4”

The once-abundant Yellow-breasted Bunting has now been up listed from Endangered to Critically Endangered; prior to 2004 this species was listed as Least Concern. Illegal trapping of the Bunting for food in China is a key threat.

China has made a very positive move in saving the Yellow-breasted Bunting and other migratory passerine by enforcing a revised Wildlife Conservation Law. It outlaws the eating of protected species, which includes the Yellow-breasted Bunting. The key to success is higher awareness among the general public so they will refuse to buy the birds and report any illegal activities seen.

Education programs on prevention of hunting and wildlife consumption in all other range countries is ongoing to ensure that the Yellow-breasted Bunting doesn’t become another cautionary tale (like the once abundant Passenger Pigeon) for future generations.

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