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Hāhā'akialoa by artist Jon Ching

Cactus Gallery LA

Hāhā'akialoa by artist Jon Ching

$ 770.00

Oil on wood, 16" x 16"

This is the Kauai Akialoa, perched on a beautiful and very rare Hāhā (cyanea grimesiana). This Hawaiian endemic bellflower's shape matches so well with the birds bill that when the bird takes a sip of nectar, it's forehead perfectly brushes up against the flowers stamen, spreading its pollen to the next drinking spot. They're totally made for each other, or rather EVOLVED for each other. Sadly, this plant too is critically endangered.

Unfortunately, thus gorgeous bird is already gone forever. It's story of decline and eventual extinction from deforestation and invasive species and disease is the story of so many other beautiful creatures today. This bird, with its long bill that was 1/3 of its length (!), was also a pollinator.

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