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CLOWNERINA, VENICE by artist Eden Folwell

$ 200.00

Acrylic on wood, 4 x 6”

Shown in the last image with Eden's other postcards for the show (sold separately).


Note for this piece:  On a building in Venice, CA which houses a CVS pharmacy(corner of Main and Rose), sits CLOWNERINA, a clown head on a ballerina body.

The clown was originally built in 1988 as a gallery piece for a local art museum, with aluminum, steel, and painted fiberglass. Sculptor Borofsky's intent was to capture a festive street performer mashed up with a "formal classical ballet dancer."

An electric motor makes the right leg execute a slow kick. It was turned off in 1990 (the building tenants complained that it was noisy), but restored in 2014. Clowneria now kicks daily between 1 and 6 PM, at least until her motor shorts out or the neighbors complain.


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