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48 LA CHALUPA (The Canoe) / The Long Awaited Bloom by artist Anna Chung

$ 525.00
Acrylic paint, 8 x 10", framed to 9.5 x 11.5"
About the piece:  My version of the La Chalupa piece is a deconstructed version. I was inspired by the original card depicting a woman in a chalupa filled with a bounty of produce and flowers.
The main subject of my piece embodies the bounty. Peach trees in Korean art are one of the symbols of longevity, the blossoms mean abundance and prosperity, and the fruit at times mean immortality. There’s a tale of a peach tree that bloomed once every 3000 years, signifying longevity.
My subject is seen at full bloom after that long wait. It conveys how taking time to let yourself grow healthily can offer you a plentiful reward that is even enough to share with others. As seen with the small subject and his chalupa filled with peaches, there is more than enough fruit to share.
Also shown here is the original Loteria card for LA CHALUPA.
Riddle associated with this image:
Rema rema va Lupita, sentada en su chalupita.

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