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DIA DE LOS MUERTOS X (Day of the Dead) Exhibit, 2017

Featured artist: Myriam Powell

Scheduled to run October 14 - November 4, 2017
Opening reception: Saturday, October 14, 2017 * 6p-9p


After a two year break we decided to bring this gallery favorite back. Dia de los muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to remember those who have died. Altars, marigolds, offerings, skulls, and Monarch butterflies are commonplace during this celebration of life. 

In order to honor and remember those who have died, we will be building an altar and welcome visitors to bring photographs and "ofrendas" (offerings) to add to our community altar. "Ofrendas" can be any thing that was important or special to your deceased, such as tools, awards, hats, etc... including favorite refreshments and foods. In Mexico, it is believed that the long hard journey from the afterlife back to Earth should rewarded with nourishment and refreshments for the returning souls.

Our altar will include the presence of the four elements: water, earth, wind, and fire. No offering can be complete if one of those elements is missing, and their symbolic representation is a fundamental part of the offering. In addition, many cempazuchitls (marigolds), called the flower of death, will be included, as the Aztecs believed that the strong scent could wake the souls of the dead and help guide them back for the celebration.


Myriam Powell grew up in Colombia surrounded by many people who helped instill in her a deep respect and admiration for art and things handmade.  Her mom in particular, inspired her through her painting, sewing, and knitting.

Myriam started the art doll making journey about 7 years ago.  She enjoys the process of each creation; the metamorphosis of each doll.  Her art dolls express the way she sees life – a fusion of opposites looking for equilibrium to “make it work”.  Her designs are quirky, combining homely with cute.

Myriam's other creative passions are needle felting and painting.  She can find inspiration almost anywhere including music, places, cultures, materials, textures ... anything that sparks her imagination.  Among her favorite themes are Day of the Dead, Steampunk, Gothic, and Whimsical.


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