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The witchy, wicked, wanton, weird women of fairytales, myths and legends.

Featured artist: Ulla Anobile

Scheduled to run: April 22 - May 27, 2017
RECEPTION: Saturday, April 22 * 6p-9p

BAD GIRLS & OUTCASTS will feature the women of fairytales, myths and legends who don't necessarily get Prince Charming. Or if they do, he leaves her for the goody-two-shoes Princess. These women may often go unrecognized (or is simply hidden away), because they don't fit the archetypal feminine canon of princesses and heroines, or the safe progression from maiden to mother to crone.

Our women may live, even thrive, on the dark side of the Moon, at the bottom of the ocean, in the depths of the primeval forest, in the hidden, rebellious, shadowy realms of a woman's soul, or in the rejected, often devalued parts of a man's psyche.

Our women are strong, wild, opinionated, seductive, bawdy, despondent, spurned, full of tears or fury. They can be crafty, vengeful, devious, evil. They go on their solitary way and do not aim to please anyone or ask for anyone's approval. They hope, however, to be recognized as who they are and to be seen.

Participating artists: Jaclyn Alderete, Joe Alvarez, Ulla Anobile, Christine Benjamin, Jorge Bernal, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Lioba Bruckner, Lacey Bryant, Catherine Bursill Moore, Lauren Hana Chai, Anna Chung, Nancy Cintron, Sheri DeBow, Dolldrums, Eden Folwell, Rosie Garcia, Leonard Greco, Anita Inverarity, Rasa Jadzeviciene, Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Heather Lowe, Linda Lyons, Candace McKay, Malathip, Tammy Mae Moon, Janet Olenik, Jen Raven, Joshua Roman, Carolina Seth, Kelly Thompson, Ingrid Tusell, Kelly Vetter, Joe Vollan, Gabriela Zapata, and Julie Zarate.