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Cactus Gallery LA

TURTLE by artist Emily Ipolani

$ 100.00
Mixed media sculpture, 5.5” h  x  4” w

About the piece:  Personally I don’t relate to the concept of home in a traditional sense. I’ve not felt it yet in any structure I’ve lived in much like I’ve not felt the traditional concept of family. I have, however, felt strongly about the idea of the word, the sentiment and feelings attached to it, what it’s intended to be as shelter, security, comfort, solitude, refuge, a place of belonging and personal space all resonate with me strongly.

I feel much of my art for the past decade has this theme running throughout it either literally or amorphously for how I view being attached to the earth, nature and harmony with it to be that same feeling. I see a common theme in all of them of either being at one with it, at odds with it or longing for it. I assume this comes up so frequently for most of my life feeling like I’ve not completely found it.

I’ve felt at home with people, animals, nature, music, books, movies, art, places, ideas, philosophies, moments, but in general have felt like a wanderer who has yet to find exactly where I fit to settle. It’s more of a lingering sigh than restlessness.

At this moment in time I feel like a fish out of water in a world I barely recognize and with a magical child who’s turned ours upside down making it entirely new. This piece is more a reflection of what my son wanted to see me make and it seems fitting.

He said to me recently out of the blue, “This is my home. I love my home. It’s lovely, don’t you think?”

I’m not sure what his concept of this is, but I know his love is genuine and if he says it he means it. I see little worlds in everything he does too. If we can’t find it, we make it and it is reality. To me, that is home.

Woo (Emily's son) attempted to title it: "The Queen Anne’s Revenge". When I told him that title was already taken and used by someone else he insisted it is not and this is the only one using it. His proud contribution is the little white shell on the doorway. I maintain my rights to final say on title of piece over his.

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