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THE RABBIT UNDERTAKER by artist Donna Abbate

Cactus Gallery LA

THE RABBIT UNDERTAKER by artist Donna Abbate

$ 130.00

Colored pencil and white paint on paper antiqued paper, 9” x 12”, framed to 11” x 14”

This piece was inspired by the scene when The Fairy with Turquoise Hair helps save Pinocchio from being hung by Cat and Fox, she tries to cure him of his fever by making him drink a glass with medicine in it. He refuses and complains, so Fairy sends in four rabbits, carrying a small black coffin on their shoulders.

Knowing they have come for him, he drinks the medicine quickly without complaint. "Well," said the rabbits, "this time we have made the trip for nothing." They marched solemnly out of the room, carrying their little black coffin and muttering and grumbling between their teeth.

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