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THE ENCHANTED QUILL by artist Sophia Paraskevopoulou

$ 275.00

Polymer clay, soft pastels, glass eyes, fabrics, 7 3/4” tall

This piece is based on “The Enchanted Quill,” a recently discovered Bavarian fairy tale from the 1850s.

In it, a crow enlists the help of a woman, the youngest and most open-minded of her sisters. She migrates to the city; employed as a royal servant, it is implied her work will help him return to his wingless, featherless, and princely self. Her coworkers tease her because she burns dinner and can’t make silver shine.

A crow appears at her window to urge her to pluck his magic feather and use it to write wishes. Not only does the crow’s quill allow her to cook gourmet meals on reflective plates, but she also manages to escape advances from her coworkers-cum-suitors. Upon transforming into a handsome prince, the woman discontinues her service, and they ride away to his dreamy castle.

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