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MAMUTHONE by artist Francesca Loi

$ 350.00

OOAK art doll, mixed media, 14” tall (36 cm)

Black Wensleydale lamb wool, Japanese silk and different cotton fabrics, Paperclay, brass ethnic bells over a soft cotton and calico body, filled with premium non-allergenic polyester, and steel shots to counterbalance the weight on the back. Her wired arms and fingers are lightly posable.

The doll face has been painted with a micro pen and chalks and has been sealed with a fixative.

She can be displayed standing on a doll stand (included) or seated with, or without, back support, 14 inch tall/36 cm

The Tale of the Mamuthones:

The Carnival of the Mamuthones in Mamoiada, Sardinia (Italy) is a traditional ritual dating back to pre-Christian times and ancient folk tales.
Though the origin of the name Mamuthones is lost in time, most experts believe it represents an ancient pagan God of the changing seasons, from winter to spring, sacrificing for a new year of growth, good rains and successful harvests.
The masks are an amazing works of folk art, carved in wood and blackenetachieve a scarappearance. Thcostume is made of black sheep skins and wool and, arranged on the back, areseries of carriga (bellsto scare away evil spirits.
Video of Mamuthones:

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