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LLORA, LLORA, URUTAÚ by artist Patricia Krebs

$ 150.00 $ 350.00

Cold porcelain, fabric, thread, feathers, acrylic paint & varnish, 19" H x 8" W x 7" D

The potoo (urutaú, which means "ghost bird" in Guaraní) is a strange bird native to the American jungle from Argentina to Nicaragua, whose sound has inspired several legends and popular songs because it sounds like a lament.

One of the many versions of its origin tells about the daughter of a Guarani chief who had a love affair with a warrior from the Tupi tribe, their enemy. This love was forbidden and due to the lovers resistance to this prohibition, the princess was falsely notified of her lover's death. After this, she ran away and transformed herself into a bird who cries every night in sorrow for her lost love.

Via Patricia: I find this bird fascinating and just recently discovered its existence. I'm intrigued by the fact that so many distant cultures throughout time and space have stories about forbidden love due to rivalry or class differences, and I'm saddened to realize that this tale from my native land is so much older than the famous ¨Romeo and Juliet¨ and even so, I've only learned about it recently.

Shown in the last photo with Patricia's second doll for the show La Llorona. Sold separately. Inquire at for special pricing to adopt them together.

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