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LESHY by artist DUDUKI (Natalia Rezvova)

$ 480.00
Air dry clay (LaDoll), different cotton fabrics, wire, acrylics and watercolors, varnish, 11.8” (30cm) tall, 13.4” (34cm) long

About Leshy:  Leshy is a male woodland spirit. In Slavic mythology he protects wild animals and forests. He is a shape-shifter, who can take the shape of any animal, especially wolves or bears. He has no shadow.

If a person befriends a Leshy, the latter will teach them the secrets of magic.

Leshies aren’t evil, although they are trickster type gods who enjoy misguiding humans and getting them hopelessly lost in the forest.

Leshy likes offerings of Kasha, bread and salt. He is also perfectly happy with a cookie or candy left on a stump or a log.

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