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LA LLORONA by artist Patricia Krebs

$ 175.00 $ 350.00

Cold porcelain, fabric, thread, acrylic paint & varnish, 23" H x 7" W x 3" D

According to Hispanoamerican oral folklore, La Llorona is the lost soul of a woman who drowned her children because her husband - who had initially fallen in love of her incredible beauty - began to leave home more and more often and upon returning always paid attention to his sons, ignoring his wife.

Damned and filled with regret after killing their boys, her spirit seeks them every night in rivers and towns, scaring all those who see her or hear her haunting cry.

This supernatural story has a great diversity of versions from Mexico to the South of the continent, each with particular elements of the region. It is always a cautionary tale about abandonment, jealousy, guilt, and encourages kids to come back home by nightfall.

Shown in the last photo with Patricia's second doll for the show Llora, llora, Urutaú. Sold separately. Inquire at for special pricing to adopt them together.

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