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LA LECHUZA by Myriam Powell

$ 400.00

She is mixed media art doll. Her head, talons and bones are stone and cos clay sculpted. Her dress is made out cotton and cheese cloth. Her hat is thick wool felt and decorated with skull beads.

She measures 23” tall and is attached to a rustic wooden pedestal. 

La lechuza story:

Usually described as part human and part bird, she’s has had many origins and interpretations over the years. She supposedly has the body of a large owl and the head of an old haglike crone. In other words, the old gal is a witch. And a witch that lures her victims by either whistling outside the houses at night, or mimicking the cries of a lost, mournful newborn baby.

According to the most popular telling, she often preys on the drunks out at night, her cries luring them to their demise, with their bones picked clean by her vicious beak and talons. One story that’s really common is that she’s the spirit of a woman whose children were killed by a drunk driver so she sold her soul to the devil to spend eternity exacting her revenge…

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