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EL CALLEJON DEL BESO, GUANAJUATO (The Alley of the Kiss) by artist Wbaldo Muñoz

$ 195.00

Acrylic on canvas, relief, attached to wood, 4 x 6", framed to 5 x 7"

About the piece:  
The Mexican city of Guanajuato has many winding alleys and thoroughfares, but one alley stands out for the tragic romance that is said to have taken place there. The Mexican Romeo-and-Juliet-esque legend, the love story of Ana and Carlos took place in “El Callejon del Beso” (The Alley of the Kiss).

It is said that Ana was a daughter of a wealthy mining family while Carlos was just a poor miner. Love blossomed between the two and every day after work, Carlos would pass by the alley, which was behind Ana’s house, just to catch a glimpse of her. Once they met, they fell madly in love, knowing that because of their social status, their love would not be accepted. They carried on a secret relationship and soon the young man rented out the room in the building across from hers with a window facing hers.

They would secretly meet and kiss across the tiny alley, balcony to balcony. Unfortunately, the girl’s father found out, caught them together, and in a fit of rage, impeded Carlos from fleeing through the balcony and he fell to his death. The father then stabbed his daughter to death, regretting that his fury led to such tragedy.

Since then, El Callejon del Beso alley has become an incarnation of faithful love. Everyday, tourists line up to kiss their partners in this alley, hoping it will grant them eternal love. 

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