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AZZURRINA by artist Elisa Belloni

$ 380.00

Mixed media: ceramic, latex, fabric, syntetic fiber and wood, 14" tall x 6 1/4" x 2 1/3" (36 x 16 x 6cm)

Azzurrina is an Italian legend that tells of a lovely albino princess that was kept locked in her castle for fear that townspeople would gossip about her.

Her mother dyed her hair with vegetable colors which gave off a blue shine like her wonderful blue eyes, so she was called Azzurrina.

One day while Azzurina played in the castle with a cloth ball, the ball when it fell into an underground chamber under a trapdoor. Her guards heard a cry, they went to see, but they didn't find her or the ball.

It is thought that Azzurrina is still in the castle and she cries out on every summer solstice every five years when the number of the year ends on a 0 or a 5!

The castle has been restored and is open to the public for a fee. The recordings of her calling out are usually played at the end of a guided tour.

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