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EL SOLDADO (The Soldier) #34 / "Donde deje mis chanclas!" by artist Kelly Thompson

$ 300.00

Acrylic and resin on wood, framed to 11 /2” x 8 1/2”

I am so excited to have permission to paint this photo taken by Martha Benedict of my dear friend Leticia Zavala. I have always admired everything about it. This is the third “El soldado" that I have painted for Cactus Gallery’s annual Loteria show.

Here is what Leticia said when I asked her what we should title it and if she was Zapata?

“Donde deje mis chanclas!?" for the title and "This is me. A woman. It’s humorous. It's Zavala wondering where she left her chanclas look. But yes, similar to Zapata in his style. It’s interesting because my relatives in Mexico City and from various locations in this country, are about to discuss our family history".

Leticia is dressed and posed in the style of a charro. Charros were horsemen, like our US cowboys, but different. During wars, charros were soldiers on both sides of the war. They were seen as heroes and embodied manhood and nationhood.

Also shown here is the original photograph taken by Martha Benedict that Kelly based this painting on.

In addition, you'll find the original Don Clemente Gallo card for EL SOLDADO.

The riddle associated with this image:

Uno, dos y tres, el soldado p'al cuartel.

One, two and three, the soldier heads to the fort.

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