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LEAVES by artist Gioconda Pieracci (Pupillae Art Dolls)

$ 60.00

Mixed media: wood clay, natural elements, linen yarn, hemp yarn, felt, cotton yarn, epoxy clay, 8.25" x 2.75" (21 cm x 7 cm) 


About the series:

When making the works in this series, Gioconda thought of the dichotomy between the two forces of which, she believes, human beings and nature itself are imbued with: the root and the wings. There is the need to root, to cling to the earth and to find stability.

To represent this aspect she made three minis which I called "the roots" (sold separately).

To represent the desire to fly far, the adventure, and the lightness she created three minis, "the leaves", whose short flight gives beauty to the world (sold separately).

The third mini is "the moth", a little being in search of light (sold separately).

With her main piece, THE ROOTS AND THE WINGS, both souls are included, being divided between these two natures. Although this girl has butterfly wings, she is forced to uproot her roots in order to fly away but will always carry them with her.

Poem for this series:

I sew wings made of wind as I deeply rooted in this green house.
Like a kite eternally suspended between heaven and earth.

Shown in the last image with some of her friends (sold separately).

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