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Cactus Gallery LA

WOODLANDS by artist Mavis Leahy

$ 250.00

Hand embroidered on Antique linen, repurposed vintage hand carved wood frame, 8” x 10"

After moving from Los Angeles 6 years ago to Oregon, I am still very much in love with the Pacific NW.
This year, especially with the Pandemic, being able to walk out my front door into a forest was such a gift.
The Wildfires that ravaged our area a few weeks ago were unprecedented.
We are so very fortunate that we were able to get everyone out safely, and were able to return to a home, where as so many were not as lucky.
It’s times like this where Mother Nature can be viewed as heartless, but in reality she is just reminding us to be mindful of our earth, or there will be consequences.
~ Mavis Leahy

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