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WHERE MY PEEPS AT? by artist Denise Bledsoe

$ 300.00
Mixed media. The nesting box is 8 x11. The hen is 6 1/2" tall to the top of her comb.

They are not permanently attached so they can be taken out and 'played' with.  
Perry knew something exciting was happening.  He was packed tightly beside his brothers and sisters riding down a road on their way to Beverly's Easter Boutique.  
Suddenly there was a big "BUMP" and he found himself at the gate to Casa Gallina, a chicken farm.  Perry waddled up the roadway and found the hen house.  "These things look a bit like me, maybe I'll find my family here." 
One of the largest birds, Henrietta, told Perry she had seen the farmer's wife carrying a basket of bright yellow birds earlier.  Perry headed off toward the farmhouse and there on the porch was the basket of sugar peeps!  Perry was home!

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