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Cactus Gallery LA

TUVA, Red Yule Bunny by artist Ragged Caravan (Alex Wells)

$ 500.00

Mixed media, 14” tall

About the piece: 
When I designed this costume I was thinking about the inhumanity of girls being married off at a young age, and the sacrifices and rituals young women go through in patriarchal societies. I was thinking about being presented to a bridegroom with all your wealth and “physical assets” and how much is lost in that exchange.

In addition to its other incalculable benefits, education for girls is considered a strategy by the UN for reducing global warming, because educated girls become women who have more ability to choose whether to have children and when. They’re more empowered at home, work, and in all the places they touch in society.

Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown states, “As educated girls become educated women, they can fuse inherited traditional knowledge with new information accessed through the written word.” Imagine the impact on the world if all girls received an education and could make these choices for themselves! I’ll be donating a portion of my proceeds from this sale toward this goal. 

In the last few images, YULE is shown with her bunny ornament friends (sold separately).

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