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THROUGH THE BIRCH by artist Cat Sommer

Cactus Gallery LA

THROUGH THE BIRCH by artist Cat Sommer

$ 150.00

Acrylic on board, 7" x 5"

A birch tree sits alone in a clearing
the last one standing
polypore grow in her wounds
the memories of times past float through the birch
almost gone
the birch sits happy knowing that it had.

Info: Fomitopsis betulinus is one of the most common species of brown rot fungi. F. betulina appears to be restricted to the Northern Hemisphere and is only found on birch trees.

It is a necrotrophic parasite on weakened birches, and will cause brown rot and eventually death, being one of the most common fungi visible on dead birches. The fungus becomes established in small wounds and broken branches and may lie dormant for years, compartmentalized into a small area by the tree's own defense mechanisms, until something occurs to weaken the tree. Fire, drought and suppression by other trees are common causes of such stress. 

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