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THEA XENI'S CHICKEN by artist Athanasia Nancy Koutsouflakis

$ 100.00

Oil on wood, 3.5” x 5.5”

Note for this postcard:

Dear Niko,

I went to your mom’s today to hang out with her, and I ended up helping her with her chickens, and fruit trees.

Niko, you’re pretty crazy!!! I walked around and saw a severed goats head on a stake and I freaked out!!!! Thea Xeni told me you did that to scare off the wild goats so they wouldn’t come and eat her garden. That is so barbaric and messed up. What is wrong with you??? You were always a such wild child, but now you’re a serious mountain man now. I think your freshly severed goats head brought bad karma to the house, because a few days later your mom found her rooster dead near by it. He was so cute, but he also was an old thing. Now the hens have no man to watch over them. You’ll have to make amends and get your mom a new rooster.

Hope you’re taking time to enjoy the summer in the mountains. You’re a beast, but I love you anyway.

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