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THE STAR BIRDS by artist Joan Charles

Cactus Gallery LA

THE STAR BIRDS by artist Joan Charles

$ 225.00
Acrylic on board, 8 x 10"

About the piece:  Early each morning the birds flock to my garden. Colorful finches, shimmering hummingbirds and plain-Jane towhees sing and chatter and splash in the bird bath. Over the past year I’ve had lots of time to observe them, to mark their habits and to notice their different personalities until now, each and every one of them feel like friends. I’m always a little sad at the end of each day when they flutter away, their wings tipped gold by the setting sun as they fly westward into the twilight.

Where do they go each night, I wonder. I like to imagine that they keep flying, soaring into the deepening blue, where they scatter stars like bird seed throughout the night sky. Star by twinkling star, they spread light and joy and magic into the darkness. And when they’re done, they drift back to earth, nestle into the welcoming trees, and dream sweet dreams as they wait for the start of a new day.

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